About Kostas Petrakis

Kostas Petrakis is a Greek-born professional landscape photographer, currently residing in Eindhoven / Netherlands.
Since his childhood, Kostas was always interested in nature and outdoor activities. Being a child of the 80’s he eventually got his hands on a cheap film camera, and like the majority of the people back in the days used it mostly for capturing travel, family and leisure moments.
The arrival of the first digital cameras in combination with his passion for outdoors and his love for nature inspired him getting more active in landscape photography. One of the biggest challenges for Kostas was to explore through photography the unknown parts of the Greek landscape. Greece provides a stunning combination of varying landscapes, including majestic mountains, lush forests, and seascapes, yet photographic related information regarding his country was minimal during the early 2000s.
Kostas and professional landscape photographer Konstantinos Vasilakis grouped together and started covering major parts of the Greek countryside devoting themselves in making the less touristic parts of the country known to the public, the bonding with the majestic scapes and nature of Northern Greece would be one of the strongest connections Kostas has ever experienced
Fast forward a few years and you will find Kostas venturing into iconic scapes of other destinations as well, expanding his portfolio while capturing the beauty of places such as Iceland, Norway, Italy, France, Scotland, and Switzerland.
This in combination with his ability to tutor led to the creation of Light Explorers a company of talented professional photographers offering high-quality workshops around the world since 2013.
In 2015 he moved to the Netherlands, a country which allows him to easily reach his favorite photographic destinations and also has a vast selection of beers with which he can’t live without.

“It’s remarkable how much we humans have achieved, but it’s mind-blowing what Nature has provided us from survival to art”

Kostas is currently shooting with Fuji equipment.